Are These Trips For You?

You know you are a Kindred Voyager if:


  • You like to interact with the locals
  • You wish to let yourself be immersed in the local way of living
  • You look forward to visiting a variety of sites to be savored as experience rather than agenda —a village, an open-air market, a cave, a gorge, a museum, the Riviera
  • You desire to be gently guided, not led
  • You enjoy people’s company, communities, the energy of a group, yet have a need for time alone so you can follow your own rhythm
  • You’d rather travel in a very small group to deepen your experience
  • You do not want to pack and unpack again and again to meet a schedule, or run from place to place to see all of Europe in 7 days
  • You prefer French traditional villages to larger cities
  • You treasure the enjoyment of slower travel
  • You want to savor each moment, feeling a sense of timelessness
  • You are open to some spontaneous discoveries as well as some planned ones
  • You may need help with the language barrier or welcome the opportunity to speak French
  • You do not feel like traveling solo, and large scale organized travel is not your thing

Kindred Voyages for Kindred Spirits

Kindred Voyages can be tailored to your own group of family and friends


Travel is one of the only things you buy that makes you richer