Kind Words From Kindred Voyagers

Kind Words Kindred Voyages
We had an amazing sensorial experience immersed in all the sights, sounds, tastes, feel, and smell of France. It was beyond any clichés or post card picture facsimiles. The best way to briefly describe our two week Kindred Voyages journey is to compare it to a wonderful French meal where the setting, aperitif, bread, cheese, meats, vegetables, sauce, wine, language, conversation, culture, and friendship combined to become more than the sum of each. It all blended into an experience of Joy. France so permeated our senses and being that we now carry a bit of it in our hearts. One person brought all these vital elements together, MayaJoëlle. In the same way she puts ingredients together to lovingly prepare one of her wonderful home cooked meals, MayaJoëlle deftly puts people and experiences together and, Voilà! C’est magic! She makes moments, memories, relationships, and joy happen. It is her gift and her passion. Merci Beaucoup Kindred Voyages!Jeff McKibben, Asheville, NC Alsace 2017

“Kindred Voyages” is not just a clever name for a touring business. The moment we met our guide, MayaJoëlle, I felt a comfortable sense of the familiar, a “kindred” spirit” welcoming us with a gracious smile and a warm heart. And our voyage was no ordinary tour. From the pre-travel meeting where we explored our personal desires for our trip, to our last night at a quaint restaurant in the countryside in Dordogne, with it’s delectably authentic multi-course French meal, MayaJoëlle struck a wonderful balance of offering just enough structure and flexibility for us to experience what was important to us, and rest when we needed. Her passion for France; the food, the charm, the language, the beauty, the ancient history imbued each meal and adventure with almost a childlike sense of wonder and pleasure. I can’t imagine getting acquainted with the French appetites and sensibilities with anyone more appropriate than MayaJoëlle. She so beautifully embodies them!   —Mary Davis, Asheville, NC  Dordogne 2011

Thank you for a trip full of miracles. Every day was full of pleasure, discovery, surprise, and warm connection within our group and with the people we met. With grace and great love, you supported each of us in fulfilling our intentions for the trip. All the while we enjoyed wonderful meals, great conversation (I’m now dreaming in French, as you suggested might happen), and generous fellowship. It’s been a privilege to travel with you. Anyone would be lucky to do so.  —Lisa Sarasohn, Asheville, NC  Dordogne 2010

Thank you for this truly wonderful adventure. So many discoveries: France, the caves, the castles, the villages, and the discovery of a new “family” whom you nurtured and pampered with your dedication beyond measure. I will always remember fondly this street, this home, so welcoming and so full of history.  —Denise Odell, Asheville NC  Dordogne 2010

I traveled in France with a small group led by MayaJoëlle during the summer of 2009. We spent two weeks in a lovely villa in Aups-en-Provence, in the Var region, becoming part of the community, taking day trips to beautiful medieval villages, going to the marchés (open air markets), meeting local people, dining out and cooking our own wonderful French food. MayaJoëlle was the perfect facilitator. Her love for and knowledge of the area and the culture, and her tireless enthusiasm for sharing the best of it with us made for a most memorable experience—Rachelle Rogers, Asheville, NC  Var Provence

My first trip to France and it was not only enjoyable but I learned so much. MayaJoëlle explained things and really helped me to feel comfortable in a new country even though I didn’t speak french. She is so delightfully friendly and eager to share information that is was the best trip ever.  —Karen Noel, Asheville, NC  Var Provence 2009