Dordogne: Experience the Wonder

Cave painting from Lascaux

Explore 50,000 years of History, Caves, and some of the 1001 Castles of Perigord Noir

September 17 – October 2, 2022 

(This trip is full)

 * Step into the past  * Be in wonder  * Explore enchanted castles

* Immerse yourself in a region where, without interruption, man has been present for 400,000 years

The Dordogne

Visit Dordogne Kindred Voyages
Visit Dordogne Kindred Voyages
Visit Dordogne Kindred Voyages

La Roque Gageac

Entrance to Castelnaud-la-Chapelle

Château des Milandes
Visit Dordogne Kindred Voyages
One of the 1001 castles
Visit Dordogne Kindred Voyages


Visit Dordogne Kindred Voyages


Stay in a house within walking distance of the town center of Sarlat, located in the heart of France in Perigord Noir, Dordogne. This village dates back to the 8th century and was carefully picked because of its beauty and its proximity to fantastic historical sites, as well as the natural wonders that can be visited on a day or half day trip.

Some of the things you will experience:

  • Trace different periods of history, while discovering other cultures in several historical towns such as Sarlat, La Roque-Gageac, Rocamadour —the vertical village.
  • Walk, kayak, ride on a boat, paint, write, recite poetry, sing, play music, or simply relax along the Dordogne River.
  • Visit Beynac, a village on the Dordogne River, where part of the film Chocolat (2000) was shot.
  • Explore pre-historic caves.
  • Stroll through some of the 1001 chateaux of this incredible region.
  • Learn how early man lived as far back as 35,000 years ago.
  • Discover truffle cultivation on a goose farm.
  • Enjoy an evening of tales and legends from Périgord.
  • Excite your taste buds with the rich gastronomy of this region.
  • Shop at some charming outdoor markets.
  • Participate in a weekend walk with locals and other hikers from village to village, one more charming than the other: La Ronde des Villages (according to availability).
  • Sample different wines at a local winery.
  • And, well, expect some surprises…

Photo Gallery

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My Favorite Château

Originating from the 12th century, Château de Commarque has become, over the years, my favorite château. With every visit, the castle unveils more of its original beauty thanks to an ongoing magnificent job in restoration that started over 50 years ago.

At that time, Hubert de Commarque bought the château that once belonged to his family, and had been left over the centuries abandoned and overgrown. Monsieur de Commarque started the process of renovation.

The château is situated in a peaceful, natural and preserved valley, away from noisy tourist sites. Here, one can enjoy the sound of the birds, as well as the view of another castle nearby, and stay connected to nature. The absence of cars or modern buildings creates a very authentic atmosphere.

While already rich with beauty and culture, le Château de Commarque is a site with many secrets yet to be revealed.

The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page. —St. Augustine


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2 week stay | $3,900*
1 week stay | $2,600*

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