Vamos a Cuba!

Havana, Cuba

Enjoy 9 days in Cuba with your travel facilitators –
MayaJoëlle Aubry & Marta Martin
February 2020

* Join like-minded friends for an unforgettable adventure in the “Back in Time” appeal of Cuba

* Come and soak yourself in the intoxicating Caribbean sounds

* Let your body express the delight of Cuban music


Visit Cuba Kindred Voyages
Visit Cuba Kindred Voyages
Visit Cuba Kindred Voyages
Mountaine Playing With Locals
Colorful Traditional Beauty
Back In Time
Visit Cuba Kindred Voyages

Mountaine Playing With Locals

Visit Cuba Kindred Voyages

Colorful traditional beauty

Visit Cuba Kindred Voyages

Back In Time

Besides immersion into Cuban music and dance, here are some of the things you can look forward to on our visit:

  • Enjoying a walking tour of Havana (really, it is Habana), immersing ourselves in this unique atmosphere where time has stopped.
  • Exploring different neighborhoods: Old Havana, Vedado, Playas del Este.
  • Warming our bones on a Caribbean beach for a relaxing two days.
  • Spending time in the beautiful country side of Viñales where we will hike, explore caves, botanical gardens, and enjoy a most unforgettable farm to table meal while delighting in stunning views and sipping a unique “anti-stress’” cocktail.
  • Partaking in group dance classes.
  • Discovering the intoxication of Cuban music.
  • Spend two days relaxing at the beach

Meet Your Travel Organizers

Marta & MayaJoëlle

Marta and MayaJoëlle met on the dance floor of Asheville Movement Collective Sunday morning dances. They recognized their friendship through a similar way of moving through space. They got to know each other and explored the idea of offering a Kindred Voyage to Cuba. And then…Voilà!

Marta Martin:

Born in Habana, Cuba, Marta traveled to the United States in her late teens. She facilitates ecstatic dance waves, teaches Bellydance, nutrition, cooking, Spanish, and English as a Second Language. Her love and passion for the earth inspires her in the garden, where she grows food organically. Marta’s vision is to teach by example the love and acceptance of all people and cultures.

A message from MayaJoëlle:

Before I visited Cuba for the first time in 2017, I was under the impression that tourists were barely able to connect with the people of Cuba. When I co-organized with Marta a group to travel to Habana, to my surprise, we were able to stay in private homes booked through Airbnb. And we observed, first hand, the creativity and spirit of community of the Cuban people. The connections we experienced deeply touched my heart.

I loved discovering fascinating places in Havana and in the countryside of Cuba, enjoying the daily warm sun in February. Every day, we had direct and indirect contact with the people of the Island. Their warmth, aliveness and simplicity enchanted me. While I loved the numerous opportunities to use the little Spanish I know, we encountered people everywhere who spoke decent English. We were able to learn much about their lives and they about ours. To my delight, I didn’t experience the secrecy I was expecting months before.

We participated in dance classes, yet my favorite musical and dance moments were happening spontaneously in the streets and in restaurants while we ate, or in a small town where over 90% of the public was local. Viva Cuba!

I am ready to go back, with Marta. Won’t you join us?

Read more about MayaJoëlle.


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Immerse Yourself In Rich Caribbean Music


  • Participate in group dance classes
  • Cuban music — a blend of African drums and percussion and European Spanish guitar
  • Dance salsa, regueton, cha cha, mambo, bolero, son, Latin jazz, timba, guaguanco…
  • Explore different neighborhoods including: Old Havana, Vedado, Playas del Este
  • Spend two days relaxing at the beach
  • Enjoy the beautiful countryside of Viñales where you can hike, explore caves, visit botanical gardens
  • Savor farm to table meals delighting in stunning views


Vamos a Cuba!

Contact MayaJoëlle about the discount for 2 or more family members and/or the discount for friends signing up together

Space is limited to 8 people. Don’t wait! Reserve your place today.

For invoice and payment options please contact MayaJoëlle

* Prices do not include airfare. Accommodations are limited to 8 people. Reservations are available on a first come first served basis and require a non-refundable $500 deposit to hold the space. Balance of the tour payment is due 2 months prior to departure to guarantee space. Single travelers that do not wish to share a room with another traveler will be charged an additional $200 service fee for a private room. No refund is available on or after travel dates have started.

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