Sounds from the Heart: A vocal exploration

Listen to Maya’s Reflections.

One of the most precious tools for well being is absolutely free and accessible:

Your Own Voice!

There are so many songs inside each of us wanting to be released.


In these Vocal Playshops, we start by opening our voices through playful and childlike vocal and movements expressions, allowing silliness and laughter. As the monkey mind starts to let go of its grips, we enter a space of self trust. Gently guided by MayaJoëlle, the group’s moves into natural improvisational singing. Each person fits into a co-creation, finding one’s musical space, deeply listening, following one’s own heart.

Everyone’s contribution is a gift unwrapping at each moment: from offering your silence, to repeating or initiating a musical phrase, to taking off in a solo original improvisation while the group provides its loving support through repeated musical phrases and deep listening. We allow it to occur naturally each in its own level of readiness in the knowing that not everybody is interested in soloing.

Many other vocal explorations techniques will be initiated, according to time and interest. The essential is to keep a flow, following the desires of the group’s energy.

Sacred Chanting: When the Breath becomes Sound…

Sacred Chanting occurs naturally when we are experiencing the connection with spirit, when we enter a flow… from breathing deeply… to the first note… to spirit singing through us…


Sounds from the Heart creates a space where words are secondary, where you are invited to genuinely share who you are, letting the infinite music in you soar

Sharing with others the discovery of the natural beauty of your voice, besides the pure Joy it provides,  has added benefits:

Kitchen singing

Impromptu Kitchen Singing

  • Unleashes your creative energy
  • Develops trust and intuition
  • Releases stress, tension, and fear
  • Achieves greater harmony
  • Improves physical, emotional, and mental state of being
  • Expresses and clear buried emotions


To let yourself improvise vocally is to dive deeply into the present moment.


Asheville Sound Collective @ Light Center

MayaJoëlle’s personal experience with vocal improvisation:
To me, Vocal Improvisation is a delicious expression that automatically brings me fully in the now. If I hear myself think, I am not fully improvising. To improvise vocally is to let the first note happen, then the next, and the next… It is a journey into sound where there is no destination, no doing,.. just being. 
I find myself musically visiting different countries as the sound may have a Russian, African, Middle East or Native American flavor. I hang out with different moods, from pure silliness to a very sacred space. I discover new sounds, timbers, rhythms. I connect with the favorite part of me

Asheville Sound collective

Concert: Asheville Sound Collective @ the Light Center NC

MayaJoëlle’s teaching style:
Even though I may present some common exercises in most of the workshops I facilitate, much of the actual content is influenced by the people who participate, what they are ready for and willing to explore with me. 
Exploring our musical imagination with more seasoned singers as well as willing beginners opens other doors for all the participants.

Giving voice to the feet…

The warming up exercises, the silly explorations, besides their purpose of feeling good, are very helpful to assist the participants in letting go of the mental judgment, therefore allowing more of the inner music and beauty to come out.    It is important to say that AT ALL TIMES, -while lovingly encouraged to explore in new ways- anybody is welcome to contribute his or her silence. Nobody has to express in any given technique, what he or she is not ready for or interested in participating in.                                                                     With more experienced singer, I focus on exploring musical styles, textures, harmonies through improvisation, It is not unusual for new exercises of new techniques to be born in co-creation.

It is my intention to

  • open a door for the participants to bring forth more of who they are, giving themselves permission to let their creative spirit to move more freely, trusting their inner beauty to be sounded, individually and as a group.
  • develop together a greater sense of community, of belonging.
  • create a safe space where the inner Joy flourishes, the sense of the sacred deeply felt while the childlike wonderment unfolds.


“This was a great, great gift. I reached a place that I am longing for, and found I could stay there, and was very grateful to be given permission to not respond to everything… Thank you, thank you, thank you. If I could I would cry from love, beauty, sadness, fear, relief”… NICK