French Immersion Weekends for Expats TBA

French Immersion Weekends

March 2011 French Immersion Weekends in Asheville

EXPATS! Immerse yourself in French for a weekend in the Poitou-Charentes!

You’ve tried and tried to learn French. Maybe you’ve bounced from teacher to teacher, looking for the perfect fit. Still, no matter what you do, fluency in conversation eludes you! It’s so FRUSTRATING!!! Don’t give up yet. Join us for an engaging and delightful approach that combines storytelling, body language, and lots and lots of fun that is sure to boost your confidence and your French!

French Immersion for Beginners is for those of you who know words and phrases and are at this time unable or uncomfortable to make sentences (but you will within the first half hour!!). Even some intermediate level students find that they greatly benefit from this intensive. Fluency and comprehension levels increase dramatically in this engaging and delightful approach. Here 95% French is spoken and the program is 100% guaranteed.

French teacher MayaJoelle Aubry will be in France this summer to offer her very special brand of French instruction to expats. Her innovative method includes:

  • Story telling: intuitive, silly and very effective
  • Body language
  • Reading, translating
  • Songs and poetry
  • Games
  • Some movement and acting out for those who wish to participate

While the class is interactive as a group, there is a great respect for each person’s level of comfort with opportunities to express yourself as an individual. At any given time, you can choose to be very active or learn in a more receptive and quiet manner.

Please be aware that 95% of French is spoken during these classes with an average of 90% retention. You will find yourself in a French conversation mode within the first 30 minutes. These French immersion weekends are designed so that even a relative beginner will be able to experience a sense of fluency and ease with the language within the first hour. Some previous experience with the French language is helpful, though.

Votre Prof. MayaJoëlle

Votre Prof. MayaJoëlle



New Dates TBA 2019

Friday, 3 – 6 pm
Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm includes a light, healthy lunch
Sunday, 2 – 5 pm

THE COST: Regularly €160 /$180

Introductory Special!!! 
€125/$145 per person for the full 12-hour weekend immersion and Saturday lunch!

A non-refundable deposit of 35 /$40 will reserve your space in this very special opportunity with limited space! Of course, in the rare event of the workshop being cancelled on our end, you will receive a full refund.


Classes will be held in or near Brossac, France located between Barbezieux and Chalais.


Traveling to France

Traveling to France

Space is limited!!! Reserve your spot now.

1) Contact workshop hostess Dielle Ciesco by calling: 0545 788 251 or emailing dielle[at]dielleciesco[dot]com.
2) Dielle will register you, and you will receive a Paypal invoice for the deposit via email. If you prefer, you can request to send a check.
3) Pay your nonrefundable 35/$40  deposit to confirm your space.
4) Remaining balance will be due Friday, June 17th.

Some of the principles used throughout each weekend:

  • We use the language to communicate from the very beginning.
  • We do not spend a lot of time on grammar. Grammar is quickly mentioned as “pop up grammar” in context, but frequently, so eventually, every one gets it, either the second time or fourth time…
  • The stories are created with mainly some of the most commonly used words and with many cognates (Words that are the same or similar in both languages), to ease the process of learning. These words are mixed in different ways and used many times to create sentences you can understand and to bring out familiarity.
  • We stay in the conversation mode the whole time of the story to keep it natural and we go back to the beginning of the story many times for integration. Many students make full sentences within a hour without even being aware of their speaking at first.
  • Listen a lot. First, understanding the message helps you acquire the language unconsciously. If you need to listen a lot before speaking, give yourself permission.
  • We use patterns that are already familiar to you.
  • Through body language, objects, photos, drawings, we connect you to mental or physical images and we are able keep translation to a very minimum level.
  • While employing words relevant to daily life, most stories are very silly to help students to let go of self conscious need of being “accurate” and perfect.
  • There are ‘No Mistakes’, only learning. Accuracy comes with experience.
  • Keep in mind that the use of 0nly 3000 words gives you 98% coverage of the high frequency language and that most people communicate daily with only a few hundreds words.


First of all, I wanted to THANK YOU for such an amazing Immersion! These three days were absolutely pleasant and useful, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

You are an absolute master in Presentation, there is nothing that you should be improving in your performance in my opinion.

Your professionalism in teaching, the level of your knowledge, your charisma and charm are just on the highest level !! Your energy kept the whole group included and present the whole time, great job! ~ Yulia, Asheville – 2012

I had a great time with you and the group. One thing is greatly evident about you, you embrace life and encourage others to do likewise. I enjoy you. ~ Jeff McKibben, Asheville -2012

The method of Mme Aubry MayaJoëlle is most excellent, fun, engaging and rewarding! A very comfortable and highly interesting way to learn French. ~ Ernie Miller, Asheville -2012

…I loved everything about the class. It has inspired me to go full force on my quest to learn and love the French language. ~ Jim Slautish, Asheville – 2012

I loved it! I took French for many years throughout middle and high school, + 1 semester of college, but I have spoken more French in just one of the 2 weekends than I spoke all 6 ½ years put together. Your presentation was fabulous! Fun, energetic and creative and you always made sure we understood before you moved on. ~ Telle King, Asheville – 2010

Thoroughly appreciate having to think and practice speaking French in class. Found it more helpful than reading or listening to French language discs. The overall program helped me remember and retain more French than prior programs because I was encouraged to use it in class … It was a treasure to meet the students in your class and to learn how beautiful and poetic the French language is. You are a gifted teacher. Merci. ~ Shelley Pereda Camp, Asheville – 2010

I was amazed at my level of comprehension level after the first weekend. I feel excited to learn more. Yes, – the experience was- very close to class description. I appreciate the lack of pressure to speak and participate and I appreciate MayaJoëlle keeping the material fresh by always keeping the excitement/play-acting even when repeating the stories many times. It never seemed dull. Thanks for a great experience. …I really enjoyed the little extra about France itself. I really am amazed at how much I absorbed and learned in just 2 weekends. Merci! ~ Kimberly Hodges, Asheville – 2010

Great at creating a relaxed and non-intimidating atmosphere. ~ Eric, Asheville – 2010

According to the course description, …it was better than expected… and the presentation of the materials was excellent. ~ Jey Hiott, Asheville – 2010

When I first started lessons with you, I was afraid to speak because I did not believe that I could make myself understood. You helped me to recognize that I do have some interior understanding of the basics of the French language. I do see my progress. I really enjoy lessons and am encouraged to keep improving.  ~ Lucy Tirk – Asheville – 2008

I want to thank you for allowing me to renew the French that has been living inside of me! I am very excited! You are a wonderful teacher. I have been able to share my “français” with my daughters (who pretty much think I’m crazy, but they are enjoying me being excited about it!).
~ Cheryl, Asheville – 2008

MayaJoëlle has a gift and passion for teaching the French language that makes learning exciting and rewarding. Her classes, which are entirely in French, allow for total immersion into the experience. A generous, caring facilitator, MayaJoëlle creates a “safe,” enjoyable atmosphere that invites participation no matter what your conversational level. I recommend her without reservation. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rachelle Rogers – Asheville – 2008

MayaJoëlle is the best teacher I ever had. She makes learning so fun. She has us USE the language, which is the only way people REALLY learn. ~ Volarte, Asheville – 2008

Last weekend, I learned a great deal, and I feel I integrated a number of rules. You have a gift for teaching language. You are able to provide students with a road map to understanding how the language is assembled without taking each sentence apart. You provide excellent criticism without dampening a student’s desire to try. You create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, all the time ~ ~ ~ Didn’t leave a name – Asheville – 2008

The teaching style is the best I have seen. You make me feel very comfortable. The class environment….. was very pleasant … very nice refreshments…. Learning languages does not come easily for me but I was amazed at how much I learned and how easily I picked it up.
I also especially liked the colloquial expressions and the every day use of the French language.
~ Pat Johnson, Asheville – 2008

…very helpful in reducing fear… especially since others had so much more experience than me. Thank you MayaJoëlle. You are lovely and funny and kept the weekend interesting. I hope to continue with you. ~ Lynn Hendrick, Asheville – 2008

MayaJoëlle is a wonderful teacher. Classes are fun and my progress is amazing. ~ Dale Karl, Asheville – 2008

Lively, interesting, engaging, supportive. Great experience. I was terrified on Friday but quickly was very comfortable. This is the perfect way to start learning fresh. Comprehension level was high.
~ Mike Teeter, Asheville – 2007

…from all my classes experiences in French…without doubt, my most helpful experience was the French Immersion story telling with you. It’s funny, too, because I almost didn’t sign up for it. I felt nervous and intimidated. But I am so glad I did. You put us at ease right from the beginning, and it was lots of fun. And nearly a year later, I can still tell the story of Jean Manuel almost word for word. Those phrases really stuck in my head. ~ Phyllis Miller, Brevard – 2006

Merci beaucoup pour une experience formidable… ~ Jeanne Steinke, Brevard – 2005