KindredVoyages: What can I expect?

KindredVoyages, Gently guided, not led, makes you feel like a welcomed guest.

Experience a total immersion in the French language and culture

Walk the medieval village streets like you were born there

Have you dreamed of traveling to France at a rhythm that allows plenty of time to savor each moment, while you are becoming a part of the village or the small town you are staying at?   Then, KindredVoyages is for you.

See  our next  “Voyages en France” starting September 16 2017.

With a very different approach to tour traveling, we,  -a small group of 7 maximum including your guide, a bi-lingual, personable French native driver and tour guide with knowledge of this unique area-, settle into a beautiful Medieval French village in a lovely home where you do not have to pack up your clothes and move every couple of days.

Each village is carefully picked because of its beauty and its proximity to fantastic historical sites, as well as the natural wonders that can be visited on a day or 1/2 day trip.

A few evenings are scheduled to meet local French natives, to partake in activities around food: sharing music, songs, dances, movement, poetry, art, play, games, conversation etc… and whatever your gift is (are).  These opportunities to connect with some of the local French people, will allow some of you to practice your French while some locals may wish to practice their English.

And much more!

While there are numerous enchanting, exciting sites to visit, this is not intended to be just a tourist experience, but rather an integration into the daily life of a charming medieval village!

The cost starts at a very competitive price of: $2,220 p/p according  to trip’s length, time of visit and location, double or single occupancy.

Included in the price.

Click on a specific voyage for a more precise price and info. Airline ticket and transport to site not included.


  • A bi-lingual, personable French native driver and tour guide, Moi, with knowledge of these unique areas and occasional local guides
  • Rental of one house in a very charming medieval village. -Based on double occupancy. Extra may apply for a single room.
  • All Breakfasts, at least  5 meals (all home cooked meals) + one gastronomy experience in a restaurant. Discovering regional food. –more precisions by clicking on your specific voyage-
  • Air conditioned Car and gas
  • Daily visits to the surroundings wonders available
  • Most entry fees to sites
  • Plenty of personal time
  • Use of skype when Wi Fi available
  • Some communication by cell phone

We will have a French “portable” cell phone which phone # will be given to you ahead of time so you can be reached rather easily.

  • The following opportunities (many are opt.)

Much more than a trip, this is an experience where you can choose

  • To learn some French home cooking
  • To stay in shape with daily “mise en forme”, movement
  • To focus on simple pleasures
  • To experience “l’Art de Vivre
  • To move at a leisurely relaxed pace
  • To hear and speak French, to meet local people while being immersed in a different culture and way of life
  • To just listen to, or learn and sing some French songs together
  • To enjoy beautiful settings in the French country side
  • To feel like a family within our small group of 7 travelers

Don’t postpone France!